Capture Life's Precious Moments



Photography enables me to capture priceless memories in striking details that stand the test of time. I have personally been a photgrapher for almost 40 years. (38) I began this journey in 1985 while in my small highschool in the state of Kentucky. My mother bought me a disposable camera for my school zoo visit, this is what lit the burning passion within me. From then on, photography has been a part of my life.  Leaving this house without my camera is just something that is no longer a thing, afterall It enables me to demonstrate how I perceive the world.  A picture is a striking example of a memory that endures forever and serves as a reminder of simpler times that can often fly by before you even have time to blink. This is why I started this e-commerce store, as the gift of memory is one that is priceless. Regardless of our interests or professional backgrounds, a picture allows us to engage our imagination and make our thoughts, feelings, and moods tangible.